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Corrugated Overview

Hunyani Corrugated produces a wide range of environmentally friendly paper based packaging products: We are your ‘’Green Packaging Partner’’, now and into the future. For over 60 years Hunyani Corrugated has worked alongside local manufacturers and producers in all industries to ensure that product is safely packaged and distributed throughout the region and beyond. These industries include tobacco processing, flower and vegetable exports, manufacturing (including oils, soaps & detergents, powdered milk, cereals, biscuits, confectionary, food & beverage and many more), poultry and beef products and fast foods. Our prime objective is to produce packaging solutions tailor made to suit your products and the markets you service.


Hunyani Corrugated is a world leader in this highly competitive and absolutely vital sector of Zimbabwe's economy, and produces a range of world class products for local and regional tobacco industries. This primarily involves production of the high quality telescopic shippers in which this valuable commodity is exported, but also includes:

  • C48AC telescopic tobacco cases
  • C30 tobacco cases for the packing of cut rag tobacco
  • Sheeted kraft liner and kraft pads


Hunyani has been intimately involved with this vital sector since its inception shortly after independence, and has worked closely with flower and vegetable growers, and their export partners, to develop packaging, and packaging handling methods, to safely deliver fruit, vegetables and flowers to destinations in Europe, the Middle East and further afield. From 1.5kg die cut vegetable boxes, to FB4 and B2 flower boxes, plus countless purpose designed boxes in between, Hunyani has contributed packaging solutions to this rapidly expanding sector.


For decades literally millions of day old chicks and countless dozens of eggs have been shipped around Zimbabwe inside Hunyani boxes designed specifically for this purpose. Fragile eggs and fluffy day old chicks require the best protection possible - Hunyani provides just that. In addition frozen chickens and meat products require far more robust packaging if they are to be shipped safely to all corners of the globe. - Hunyani has the solution. Fresh, longlife and powdered milks, manufactured by some of the region's leading companies, find their way to markets throughout Zimbabwe and beyond in our corrugated shippers and wrap-around cases.


Whatever you produce, whether it's food & beverages, confectionary, dairy products, cereals, clothing, herbs & spices, sauces & condiments or even nuts & bolts - or whether you are concerned only with getting your product to market, or have a need to also display the product once it gets there - Hunyani has the packaging capability, creativeness and clear thinking to provide you with just what you need. Hunyani has always sourced its raw materials and paper from the best manufacturers in the world, so when we make a box for you, we know it will do the job it is designed do. You can trust Hunyani, and you can trust our products. 60 years of service to the Zimbabwe market is testimony to our skill and professionalism.

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