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As a leading paper based packaging manufacturer of folding cartons and wet glue labels, Hunyani Cartons & Labels offers a unique breadth of environmentally friendly capabilities—creating solutions for manufacturers, food processors, food service providers, beverage companies, pharmaceutical firms, dairy, poultry, healthcare and beauty brands, general household products and agriculture markets. Hunyani has excellently equipped and manned factories to produce paper bags, paper labels and paper board, printed and die cut, display cartons for point of sale appeal and in accordance with the strictest food hygiene standards.


Whatever your particular packaging challenges are, we can help you solve them. We engage with brand teams from around the globe to create specialized folding cartons for a wide variety of product categories and markets including specialised cereals cartons. What better way to build your brand than to package it for the family breakfast in Hunyani board?


A selection of material packaging options are available, all food safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. We can size every product to your specific requirements and brand them as desired, using a combination of expert design and advanced technology to optimise your food-to-go packaging.


Hunyani provides paper labels for a wide range of bottlers including the beer brewers, juice and cordial manufacturers and even high quality lithographic labels for export quality cartons. For all your wet glue application labels, Hunyani has got you covered for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated products. No scuffing or peel off fears.

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