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Paper Sacks Overview

Hunyani Paper Sacks Division specialises in the production of a wide range of environmentally friendly paper based sacks and wrapping materials which are used in a variety of industries such as: tobacco, milling, cement & tile adhesive and retail carry bags. As with all our products, our range of paper sack options make us your automatic 'Green Packaging Partner’.


Getting your tobacco crop to market without losing weight or quality is your prime concern. Hunyani manufactures a high quality kraft based wrapping paper that is barrier coated to protect your crop from moisture loss and pest infestation. The paper comes in a variety of roll lengths as well as made to size 'bale packs' ideal for the smaller scale farmer. Kraft sheeting for the processed crop when being exported is also a vital commodity produced by this division.

Cement, tile and tea bags

We offer a broad range of environmentally friendly industrial bags optimised for high-speed filling lines and suitable for industrial and food contact. Cement & tile adhesive bags provide easy handling and ensure protection of the goods inside, also eliminating the dust factor. Multiwall kraft paper sacks in 4Ply, 3Ply, 2Ply and 1Ply, are a 100% food grade virgin fibre. Combined with aluminium foil these sacks safely and securely package graded teas to retain freshness & quality.


Hunyani Paper Sacks section provide a wide range of SO Bags including 2kg Flour Bags, 2kg mealie meal bags that are ideal for maximising the quality and display of your product, with a rectangular base allowing these to sit upright in shelf-ready trays or directly on retails shelves. Featuring an innovative fold on the base to minimise sifting of powders, these bags have a high-quality rigid structure. Opening easily, these bags will stand up for filling, commonly used on a Fawema filling machine, or for manual packaging. We source our paper from FSC certified mills hence these paper bags are recyclable and compostable.

So Bags

SO bags can be used for a variety of uses in the food service, retail, and industrial markets. The SO paper bags are identified by their dimensions, starting with the width of the bag, then the gusset, and then the height. SOS bags can be purchased in standard sizes ranging from SO2 to SO20 and several different substrates including 100% recycled kraft, white, colours, grease resistant, and kraft liners. Our Sales & Marketing will help to guide your product selection and we also have some products in our Retail Shop available ex-stock.

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